This month's "patch notes" show kicked off with special guest Environment Artist Jon O'Neal unveiling some of the recent work he's been doing.

One of the most significant changes is that the size of the map has been compacted to allow for easier navigation. The change was inspired by feedback from our testers (thank you!)

The preview included some new elements of the environment that will be introduced in our next milestone: new ground vegetation, new types of trees and new types of rock formations, all courtesy of awesome new environment and terrain shaders that have become available to the Art team. Jon demonstrated how these shaders also allow him to dynamically create cool effects like moss and snow.

Here’s a closer look at what Jon showed in the stream.
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During the Patch Notes segment, Game Designers Thomas Blair and Mark Halash went over the highlights of recent patch notes. These include:

  • Druid’s Nature’s Avatar have been revised to add 30% critical hit chance, 50% critical hit damage, 25% damage bonus and 435 attack power. These adjustments should still result in the intended 75% total output damage bonus.
  • UI improvements were made to reduce the clutter on the nameplates of enemy units.
  • The description for Druid’s Gaea’s Wail has been updated. This skill was modeled after the Ranger’s Charge Shot (which later became Ricochet Shot). When fully charged, these skills will give a crit buff.
  • A number of fixes were implemented to clean up Forts.
  • The How-To videos that were created for Archetypes have been removed because they are outdated. New videos will be added sometime after all of the Races have been added to the game.
  • Several skills were revised to prevent characters from going into combat mode when they shouldn’t.
  • Following a brief warning period, enemy factions will receive damage if they remain on an opposing faction’s beachhead for too long.

Watch the video to see both segments in their entirety.

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Our next livestream is the Crowfall Q&A Live on Tuesday, September 19, at 11 am CDT. We’ll announce the topic(s) soon so you can begin preparing questions!


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