Gamescom 2016: A gathering of Crows

Gamescom 2016: A gathering of Crows

Greetings, Crows!

You’ll see me, Faelan, posting on the forums and chatting away on social media, Discord and live in person at events. I bring with me a wealth of community management knowledge from many other popular MMOs as I step up to help Pann and the folks at ArtCraft in my role as European community manager.

Last week was our first attendance at gamescom in Cologne (Germany). While we didn’t have a booth to show off the game, we did manage to get up to some other mischief.

We had a bumper-packed schedule and, once we got past a hiccup or two – maybe ask Gordon in a few weeks, the team from ArtCraft and Travian Games had interviews with media from all over Europe.

Below are a couple of the articles that are already up:

Keep on the lookout for interviews with Gaiscíoch [EN] and [EN] coming soon.

To top it all off we were also named best MMO of the show by MMORPGItalia. Our first show award! Thank you once again!


As well as all the press and interviews, we just had to set loose a murder of crowgirls upon a rather unsuspecting Cologne.


Crowgirls at the entrance to gamescom

Wandering the city to draw attention to the game, they even managed to garner more attention than a lot of the cosplayers – possibly due to the rather fetching head attire, you decide. You can see a sampling of what they got up to below.


A quick bit of sightseeing at the Dom


Eyeing up their prey!


Last but by no means least, we held the very first EU backers party. (We are sure there will be many community gatherings to come). We invited EU-based backers to a community BBQ on Friday where they were able to chat with Todd and the Travian Games team about everybody’s favourite subject, beer, oh and of course the game.


The BBQ, not as good as that in Texas (shhh, don’t tell), but still very nice.


Crows = 1, the Hunger = 0

Backers from Caldera, CFC, Immortalis Noctis, BOON Control, Afterlife, Game-Guide and the [un] Official Crowfall Discord community enjoyed German BBQ, beer and sweets. They tried their best to pressure Todd and Jess into giving up the deepest darkest secrets about games development, the direction of things to come with Crowfall and who makes better BBQ!


Dean aka Wobbley (Discord)


Immortalis Noctis



From myself and the team here at Travian Games, we are really looking forward to taking the European, Brazilian and MENA Crows to launch and beyond.

Remember to join in with the conversation on the forums (in one of the Twitch chats during a livestream, on Facebook or Twitter)!

Thanks for your support,
Senior Community Manager, Travian Games


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