Rather than promising a new feature, adding more content or recruiting a new person to our team, we’re going to focus on building the game that we’ve already promised. Does this mean we won’t do any more stretch goals going forward? We’re not sure. Stretch goals are fun! But they’re also more work (and cost). Our priority has to be delivering what we’ve already promised – and it’s hard to hit a target that won’t stop moving.

$2.415 MILLION (+ $65K)


  • We have a QA lead hire on our hiring roadmap, but we'd like to get someone even more experienced than we previously planned, a real HEAVY HITTER, and bring him/her on board ahead of schedule.
  • This person will be an expert in dealing with the complexities of software, a fearless wrangler of external vendors and a relentless pursuer of excellence.

$2.35 MILLION (+ $70K)


  • New Character - Male Assassin
  • Since we first announced the Fae Assassin archetype, we've gotten a TON of requests for a male equivalent. We originally crafted the Fae backstory in such a way as to make the existence of a male counterpart an impossibility.
  • This decision did little to stop the incoming requests, however -- so, we came up with a way to offer the male equivalent of this archetype without breaking our backstory. Help us achieve this stretch goal, and we'll share the result with you, and add the male Halfbreed Assassin to our line-up of playable characters!

$2.28 MILLION (+ $80K)


  • Pay for the new video guy that we already hired
  • So, we jumped the gun on this one.Here's why: video is a pretty good way to update you guys on what's going on inside the development of Crowfall! We've actually had a video guy on site as a contractor since before the kickstarter. We finally admited that our video needs aren't likely to go down, ever, and made him a full time employee.Now, we'll be able to put out even more content to keep you guys in the loop -- so please help us achieve this stretch goal, by spreading his videos to bring in new backers!

$2.2 MILLION (+ $150K)


  • Asian Beta Server
  • Localized website in 3 languages (Chinese, Japanese, Korean)
  • Hire a community manager to focus on Asian communities

$2.05 MILLION (+ $50K)


  • BANECIRCLE siege mechanic!
  • Offering an alternative to the Bloodstone rules, the BaneCircle siege rules focus less on caravans, and more on city defense during the pre-negotiated siege windows.

$2 MILLION (+ $60K)


  • The SHADOW world rules set!
  • Finishing out our remaining "World Bands", the Shadow ruleset is specifically aimed toward pre-existing guilds to vie for control of each Campaign.


$1.94 MILLION (+ $90K)


  • Crowfall localized in 6 languages
  • German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Italian

$1.85 MILLION (+ $165K)


  • Hire a graphics programmer to improve the visual fidelity of the game.
  • This person will be specialist who will be an expert on the "flashy" areas of game development: lighting, environmental effects, spell effects and client performance/frame rate

$1.685 MILLION (+ $165K)


  • European Beta Server
  • Localized website in 6 languages (German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Italian)
  • Hire a community manager to focus on overseas communities

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